My real name is Gytis Dovydaitis and I'm a guy who is in a constant search for new challenges and experiences. In my opinion there is nothing more valuable than a new sight to see, new person to meet, new sound to hear or a new project to be a part of.

I have years of experience in working with numerous projects where I mostly took a role of photographer, graphic designer or video producer. The first time I had launched and been astonished by the possibilities of Photoshop was on my 11-th birthday, and since then it's my tool of choice when it comes down to photography or digital design. I use Illustrator for vector graphics, Premiere for video editing and Canon 5DmkIII for shooting.

I have Bachelor's in New Media Arts from Vytautas Magnus University based in Kaunas.

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I'm always open for new possibilities to co-operate and join awesome teams.

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